Ep. 17 Live from Las Vegas: Insights and Inspiration from Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo West!

Do you want to know how top professionals are navigating the challenges and seizing opportunities in pet boarding and daycare?

Have you ever wondered if it’s worth leaving your facility, jumping on a plane to attend a pet care expo? 

Then get ready to be inspired by real-life examples, as you hear from pet care business owners just like you, who are this week attending the PB & D expo in Nevada!

Dom Hodgson is broadcasting live from the Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo West in Las Vegas, as he brings you a dynamic episode packed with insightful interviews, expert tips, and first-hand experiences from industry leaders.

You’ll hear personal stories from various pet care professionals who have travelled from all corners of the USA, to join in the magic that only happens at a Barkleigh expo, each sharing their unique journeys and the values that have shaped their business.

Dom is also joined by his son, ‘Producer Toby’, who is attending in an official capacity for the first time, and they immerse themselves in the excitement of the Expo.

Tune in to hear the Pet Biz Wiz reconnect with familiar faces and meet new friends, and he also shares six game-changing marketing secrets from Sin City, that you can use to promote your local pet services…

In this episode, we explore:

  • Vegas Vibes: Experience the energy and excitement of the Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo West as Dom and youngest son Toby hit the expo floor.
  • Groomer to Boarder: A third-generation dog groomer from Illinois, Caprice Harden shares her journey from grooming to starting a specialized boarding service for small dogs.
  • Pet Ranch Pioneer: David Weiss discusses how he transformed Four Paws Pet Ranch into an award-winning facility in Santa Rosa, California.
  • Pet Spa Success: Sherry Barnett from Santa Fe, New Mexico, talks about her 30-year journey in pet care and the importance of continuous learning and attending industry events.
  • From Horses to Hounds: Learn how Kelly and Sam transitioned from horse boarding to a successful dog boarding business.
  • Rover and Out: Discover how Kate is leveraging (and moving on from) her experience using Rover to expand into a commercial pet care facility.
  • Pet Resort Growth: Eyal Cohen talks about expanding his pet resort business, the importance of team development, and the benefits of attending industry expos
  • Marketing Magic: Dom shares six essential marketing lessons from his experiences in Las Vegas that can transform your business.

The expo is a prime opportunity to strengthen industry connections, gain invaluable knowledge, and catalyse business transformation through the power of relationships. Why not head down to the Horseshoe right now to attend the final two days of the Las Vegas Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo, and check out the amazing trade show floor, to register go to petboardingexpowest, or, register on the door for the event.

Huge thanks to this week’s brand-new show sponsors Pack Pro.

PackPro provide Comprehensive, affordable, and efficient daycare staff training for your pet boarding and daycare facility, to find out more about how they can help you empower and support your team by creating playgroups that are safe, productive and fun to manage, go to PackPro.com

To find out more about Dominic Hodgson and his exclusive pet business consulting services go to petbusinessmarketing.com

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Episode Time Stamps:

  • 00:51 – Introduction and who is in today’s show
  • 02.00 – Meet ‘Producer Toby’, Dom’s youngest son!
  • 02.58 – How Pack Pro training can help train your staff members
  • 06.01– Podcast listening in the shower
  • 08.52 – Why attendees are marketing to the affluent 
  • 13.38 – Sin City Sales Secrets
  • 22.09 – Casino design takeaways for your daycare 
  • 27.59 – How great mentors make great businesses
  • 32.25 – Why you need to build new doors in your business 
  • 38.02 – Automating your pet business 
  • 41.00 – Why you need to continually cut the fat in your facility
  • 42.58 – Eyal Cohen’s year since the last Vegas expo
  • 45.55 – How cheap services lead to unsustainable businesses 
  • 47.30 – Coming up in next week’s show! 
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