Ep. 25 Pet Care Start-Up Success: Choosing the Right Legal Structure with Peter Tanella

Are you planning to start or purchase a pet care facility but unsure about the legal steps involved?

Want expert advice on building a solid foundation for your business?

In this episode of the Pet Boarding and Daycare Podcast, host Dom Hodgson chats with Peter Tanella, an attorney specializing in pet care businesses. Peter shares essential legal insights on creating a robust business plan, selecting the right business entity, and conducting due diligence.

He emphasizes the importance of building a team of professionals to guide you through the complexities of starting or buying a pet care facility. This team might include a lawyer, a banker, an accountant and a business consultant.

What will this team of all the talents do, and how do you go about assembling such a team?

You’ll find out in episode 25…

Tune in to learn about:

  • Ultimate Team Assembly: Discover the must-have professionals to build a rock-solid foundation for your pet care business.
  • Blueprint to Success: Unveil the secrets of crafting a business plan that guarantees growth and stability.
  • Entity Selection Secrets: Learn the crucial differences between business structures and which one suits your needs best.
  • Due Diligence Deep Dive: Master the art of thoroughly investigating potential business opportunities to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Pitfall Prevention: Identify and dodge the costly common traps that new pet care business owners often fall into.
  • Zoning Mastery: Unlock the intricacies of zoning laws and permits to ensure your facility’s compliance and success.
  • Don’t Mix Family and Business: Why it can be a mistake to rely on family members and friends who say they can help with legal issues.
  • Ongoing Legal Support: Understand the importance of maintaining a strong legal relationship for continual business growth.

Tune in for expert legal advice and practical tips on building a successful pet care facility from the ground up.

Huge thanks to Peter Tanella for guiding us through the legal minefield. You can connect with Peter and his team by clicking here

Big thanks to this week’s show sponsors Pet Resort Hospitality Group.

Pet Resort Hospitality Group are building a family of the highest quality Pet Boarding & Daycare brands in North America. If you want to know what the future of your business could look like if you ever want to sell, then reach out to PRHG by going to petresorts.love

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Episode Time Stamps:

  • 01:01 – Coming up on this week’s show…
  • 01.53 – How Pet Resort Hospitality Group can help you sell your business
  • 02.40 – Meet Peter Tanella – Pet Care Business Lawyer
  • 03.30 – Peter’s Journey into the pet care space 
  • 05.55 – Legal advice for start-ups
  • 08.23 – Choosing the right business entity
  • 16.30 – How time pressure can delay projects and kill deals
  • 20.57 – How long a typical start-up can take 
  • 24.44 – Why Peter loves start-ups and acquisitions  
  • 26.49 – Peter’s contact details
  • 28.05 – Catch up with Rebecca Shipman from Barkleigh Productions
  • 30.15 – Article overview from the latest issue of PB&D Magazine
  • 37.44 – How to get your copy of Pet Boarding and Daycare Magazine
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