Ep. 5 The Premium Pet Care Franchise: Scaling up with Steven Parker

Have you thought about franchising your pet care business, but don’t know where to start?

Do you have awesome operational systems but lack the marketing systems required to scale your business to more locations?

Are you worried that scaling will simply put more stress on your staffing systems and pressure on your profit margins?

Then you are in luck, because in this week’s show I’m talking to Steven Parker, the visionary co-founder and co-CEO of K9 Resorts, a super successful luxury pet care franchise.

Steven walks us through his entire business journey, from setting up a small local pet care business with his brother Jason when they were aged just 14 and 12, to now running an award-winning ‘premium’ franchise with over 160 locations nationwide.

You’ll discover the ingredients that go into K9 Resorts’ secret success sauce, which includes a passion for pets, obsessing over all business details, and providing a premium experience for clients and their dogs.

Tune in to learn about;

Humble Origins: How Steven and Jason’s journey began by setting up a dog walking and pet sitting side hustle when they were just teenagers.

Franchise Philosophy: Steven offers invaluable advice on maintaining standards, empowering staff, and ensuring every element of service meets the ‘luxury’ tag.

Scaling Secrets: How franchising nationwide forced Steven and Jason to work on the business and not in the business, and how private equity accelerated their growth.

Premium and Proud: Why K9 Resorts have chosen to position themselves at the top of the luxury ladder, as the Ritz Carlton of pet care facilities.

Fishing in Smaller Ponds: The advantages of targeting a niche affluent market, who are willing to pay for unparalleled service and peace of mind.

Soldiers Not Generals: What attributes and attitudes K9 Resorts look for to find perfect franchisees for K9 Resorts.

The Future of Franchising: Find out what’s on the horizon for K9 Resorts and how they plan to continue their legacy of excellence.

Huge thanks to Steven for sharing his inspiring story!

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Episode Time Stamps

00.51 – Coming up in this week’s show… 
02.50 – How Pet Resort Hospitality Group can help you sell your business
07.44 – The affluent attractive marketing strategy
09.08 – Meet Steven Parker of K9 Resorts
09.32 – Steven and Jason’s Pet Business Origin Story
11.24 – The franchising lightbulb moment
13.54 – How Disney and Ritz Carlton inspired K9 Resorts
15.44 – How the Parker brothers found their franchise superpower
26.24 – Why K9 resorts embraced a premium model
27.48 – Why superior staff training is the key to success
34.00 – Why Steven and his team still attend industry events
38.00 – How you can be different and better
39.00 – Coming up on next weeks show, an interview with Jeremy Cohen of Boston Dog Lawyers…

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